Bathroom decoration need to pay attention to the place

Update:16 Oct 2017

1, the bathroom as wet as possible separation. 2, consi […]

1, the bathroom as wet as possible separation.
2, consider installing as washlets family, the toilet must remember to reserve the power socket.
3, bath and shower, if two choose one, it is recommended to shower, and recommend the use of bath curtain, shower room glass is very tired.
4, bathroom hardware, bibcock and so on, absolutely is one price one price goods.
5, it is recommended that all faucets are equipped with hot and cold water pipes, the installation of more than one point, not spend a lot of money, after the event to remedy the super difficulties.
6, the toilet can do an anti slip handle on the wall, convenient for the elderly, children.
7, shower room as far as possible flower, prevent moisture, but the premise is ventilation.
8, the leading water outlet should be large, bathroom outlet should be large.
9, the bathroom does not use metal hardware and mirror headlights, and so on, will rust off.
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10, bathroom waterproof must do well.
11, the pot is not good to use, the water is easy to splash out, there are sanitary corners, not good care.
12, the bathtub may not be practical, bucket relatively water, but enough warm.
13, toilet cleaning table, not glass, or super easy to dirty.
14, try not to have wood products in the bathroom (including man-made board or solid wood).
15, there must be a metal or plastic shelf, put change when used in shoes.
16, do not use a variety of good-looking foot pads, cleaning trouble, not easy to say, but also easy to mildew.
17, tile must be homogeneous brick, glazed tile glaze in wet environment easy to fall off.
18, try to open the door not because the door can be placed behind the door, mop and other items, but can not move.