Bathroom cabinet installation height standard

Update:24 Oct 2017

We often see the bathroom cabinet has two kinds of form […]

We often see the bathroom cabinet has two kinds of forms are presented, one is the bathroom cabinet floor, a wall mounted bathroom cabinet, bathroom cabinet of the two although the form is not the same, but not much difference between the installation height. Most of the floor type bathroom cabinets are the most common size is 800mm to 1000mm, width of 450mm ~ 500mm, of course, there are other size requirements, in this regard can be customized. Wall hanging bathroom cabinet is relatively small to mention, not only looks very delicate and beautiful, but also does not occupy the place, the length is about 500mm. Usually when installing a bathroom cabinet, cabinet surface from the surface distance is approximately in 80mm~85mm, but I think the height or to adjust according to the personal life and life habits, basically all is the person standing on the side, you can not bend over.