Bathroom cabinet installation details of the treatment

Update:15 Aug 2017

In general, we have purchased a bathroom cabinet after […]

In general, we have purchased a bathroom cabinet after a professional master to come to the door to install, if they do not know the details of the grasp, then the bathroom cabinet installed out of the effect is good or bad are not enough to know, so that the installation Must be some of the details of the problem are to understand.
1, before installation must check the ration of parts are complete, if missing, then it should be reflected in time, do not affect the progress of the entire installation;
2, in the installation of the bathroom cabinet must be careful not to cabinet and mirror contact with the ground, to avoid scratches, to contact then should be padded with soft material;
3, although the installation method is simple, but in the assembly process must be noted that do not let Rios Road and metal objects scratched the surface of the plate;
4, of course, when installing the bathroom cabinet when the water pipe connection is very important, when the installation of the water pipe connected to the water pipe again to check whether the water dripping;
5, bathroom cabinet faucet is the key, it is best to buy with the bathroom cabinet to buy, so that the installation of the degree of fit like some;
6, after installation must do water test, that is the strength of the intensity of the problem, if the problem to make timely adjustments.