Bath bar shower curtain cleaning method

Update:29 Aug 2017

1, canvas or cotton curtains like other cotton fabrics, […]

1, canvas or cotton curtains like other cotton fabrics, washed with hot soapy water, washed and then ironing. Most of the shower curtains can be dried only. Mold point is difficult to remove, available light bleach solution wash, and then dry.
2, if you are too lazy to brush the shower curtain, you can put the shower curtain in the washing machine, add eight 4 cups of vinegar after standing for a night and then to the washing machine cleaning. This method can not only sterilize and can neutralize all the dirt, but also save the trouble of brushing the shower curtain.
3, with vinegar can wipe the soap on the shower curtain. Mold and grease. Let the shower curtain looks like the new. The bottom of the shower curtain is the most difficult to scrub, you can use brushes to brush brine to wash, because the salt of small particles can produce such as matte effect. Then wipe with vinegar. Can get rid of stubborn stains.